At Contraveta we select the boards by hand, one by one. All of us on the team are great lovers of real wood and traditional work. We choose and prepare each board as if it were to be used by us.

Before processing, each board undergoes a natural air drying process in our warehouse for as long as necessary. Our goal is always to obtain stable boards with 8% humidity , which is the most suitable for working at home and making interior furniture.

Depending on the type of wood, size and origin, drying can take from a few weeks to many months.

When each board is perfectly dry and stabilized, we clean it, cut it, square it and plan it.

Like any natural material, each board is different and may show different textures, colors, grain etc. that are normal in wood.

When preparing the boards we clean them, eliminating knots, cracks and other elements that, although natural, we consider to be defects when working with wood.

The tables you will receive will never have:

  • Hollow or loose knots.
  • Cracks or holes resulting from drying, knots or insects.
  • Presence of sapwood in woods in which its physical qualities (hardness, weight, etc.) are different from those of the heartwood.
  • Stains or marks caused by the exploitation and transportation of wood (paint, staples, etc.).
  • Warping, bowing and other deformations that are clearly visible and prevent the use of the board in cabinetmaking or crafts.

But sometimes they may have:

  • Clean knots (fully joined to the wood) of less than 5 cm in their greatest dimension, including cluster knots.
  • Any type of knot less than 5 mm in its greatest dimension.
  • Natural color or tone changes for each board, exposure to sunlight, etc.
  • Natural wood texture.
  • Normal effect of brushing on wood that has a change in grain direction (can be solved with sanding).
  • Change in texture or grain depending on the cut of each board (straight cut or quarter cut, etc.).
  • Occasional saw marks on the edges of the boards.
  • Minor brushing marks (removable with sanding).

The product photos are indicative, the wood you receive will not be exactly the same as the product photo in the store.